Our Mission.

We aim to cultivate a regenerative coffee by connecting farmers and consumers to benefit producer communities, land and add value to the coffee products we love so much.

We believe this work starts by offering a sustainable price to coffee farmers to ensure sustainable and eco-friendly coffee production that supports the well-being of people and the planet."

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“La Nota Café”, the coffee report, brings you updates and stories direct from the coffee lands and the coffee shops who serve their coffee. What would a regenerative and transparent coffee supply chain look like? How does it help farmer communities and the environment? Come and take a journey with us as we explore these important questions.

Organic Coffee.

We partner with the Yachil Xojobal cooperative in the “Los Altos” region of Chiapas, Mexico to bring you a delightful cup of justice, care for the land and autonomy. With notes of cinnamon and piloncillo, the producers get a sustainable price for their harvest and participate in an innovative “tip-the-coffee-farmer” pilot program powered by our friends at Beany. All financial contributions are used to fund sustainability and social good projects in efforts to build a regenerative coffee economy.


We believe that a regenerative model places the well being of people at the forefront. This includes coffee producers, consumers, coffee workers and roasters.


The environment is essential to the well being of humanity. A coffee that is less extractive and more regenerative works with its environment and supports the local ecosystem. We believe there is an incentive to apply this practice when coffee farmers have ownership over the land they work. Learn more at La Nota Café. Sign Up Here


When green coffee is extracted and exported north from Mexico to the consumer market, most of its value is added at a later date. Roasting and brewing coffee are only 2 ways value is added. Coffee is also monetized through transportation, insurance, credit, logistics, and storage to name a few. That’s why we partnered with Beany and their innovative tip-the-coffee-farmer program to help consumers send some of that value back and support farmer communities.

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